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We guarantee the highest quality workmanship in the construction industry, established in 20 years of experience


The Industrial Reconversion of the production sites is a fundamental regeneration process in progress throughout the territory, particularly in the Veneto and in the Northeast, born and developed for decades as the home of a "great manufacturing".


For over 50 years, the SOUND GUARD​ of Treviso has been constructing civil and industrial works for residential, office, commercial and artisan purposes.


SOUND GUARD​ is a reliable, reliable partner in conservative architectural restoration, a niche market segment that requires particular skills, a deep level of historical and artistic knowledge and a consolidated professional staff.


SOUND GUARD​ builds to give value to people and territories, going beyond the execution of projects and individual tasks. Being a "general construction" enterprise means having a broad look on the project but attentive to reality.

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We offer quality properties, which become value over time, built in compliance with all current regulations. Rely on a specialized team, who will listen to you and offer you the best solution for your needs. 
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our History

Antonio. Ferdinando and Valerio. And then Antonello, Massimo, Gilberto and Lorenzo.

In three generations, the Vendramin family has realized the dream of Antonio, the patriarch, who in 1949 launched the foundations of a company that has become a point of reference in the Venetian building industry. The CEV company was founded in 1971 with the commitment of Ferdinando and Valerio, sons of Antonio Vendramin.

Step by step the determination of the family leads the first jobs on their own, increases public and private commissions and the operational structure. It grows. Up to bypass the borders of the province of Treviso, where the Vendramin were born and from where they still remain at the helm of the company supported by their children, Antonello, Massimo, Gilberto and Lorenzo, the engine of renewal that for decades guarantees CEV its field, and to expand to the rest of Italy, in Europe and in the Mediterranean basin.

During fifty years of activity, the company has gained experience in all sectors of construction, from design to construction, working for the construction of real estate with all types of use.

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featured projects

Construction of a new building for accommodation in the vicinity of the railway station including special foundations and structures in concrete elevation built according to the project in compliance with earthquake regulations.


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The building, made of cement and glass, occupies just under 2,000 square meters, and seems to immerse itself in the specially created hillocks in the countryside and the thick array of trees, planted to form a protective curtain: that's why Ando called it invisible house.


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Overall, the former Court, was not just a building site, but a complex experience that has combined the many human resources of the company


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Demolition of existing buildings and construction of the new headquarters direction of the Association of Merchants of Oderzo (TV).


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Recent Posts

Brisbane intercom: Combining innovation and security

Intercoms have become a staple in several Brisbane homes. They allow curated building access and the guests to get in touch with the residents. An intercom is the first layer of security to prevent unwanted people from entering a community.  Intercoms are essential for the safety and comfort of residents in the building.

Intercom systems are an electronic device which enable two way communication. These comprise a base station which is also known as the master station and is the main component of the intercom system. It is placed at the properties entry. The base station is connected to more substations which are installed at various points throughout the building such as in apartments or offices.

Although intercoms might seem an additional expense but as technology continues to evolve it is essential to have an intercom system in your building.

 The following are some of the biggest benefits of using an intercom system.

 Brisbane intercom provide enhanced building security

A home is a safe place and sanctuary. When you come back after a long day, you would like to kick your feet up and relax.  The mere idea that the place is not safe can make you lose your cool. However, the intercom system enhances security in a number of ways. Whoever wants to enter your home will have to give you a buzz rather than just walk in. Residents can manage who can enter their home because guest will have to call from the intercom system.

Various intercom systems come with entry logs so each access event can be recorded. If an unwanted visitor does manage to gain access the event will be logged in the system and the individual will know exactly when and where the guest entered the building from.

Another reason to invest in an intercom system is the convenience it offers. Calls from visitors can go directly to the mobile device of residents. This way they can grant access to visitors no matter wherever they are. They can speak with the guests trying to enter their home and in some cases also view the guest through video calling on their phone.

Adding an intercom system you can enhance the security and also the value of the property.  People want to live in a community where they and their families can feel safe. The presence of an intercom system adds to that feeling of safety. It allows homeowners peace of mind and they are willing to pay a higher price for a property which they consider safe.

There is a wide variety of intercom systems available. The most common types are the wireless intercoms. These rely on invisible radio frequencies that carry signal which enable all wireless devices to operate. If you are considering a wireless intercom system make sure you know how the system works. A direct connection to the Internet is best because Wi-Fi signals can otherwise be interrupted by external factors. Always test the signals at the location where you are installing the intercom.

Wired intercoms requires some form of wiring, however it is a commented that the intercom should be connected directly to the Internet with an Ethernet cable. It will make the system more secure and also reduce the chance of interference from other electrical signals.

Explore Brisbane’s leading intercom solutions while keeping the above tips in mind.

Why Should You Clean Solar Systems Regularly

Solar panels accumulate so much dirt and dust over time that they affect efficiency. For this reason, you must consider cleaning your solar systems regularly to get rid of dirt and dust, reducing their efficiency. While most homeowners think cleaning solar panels is as simple as it sounds, it is very complex.   Therefore, you should always hire professionals to help you regularly clean your solar system on the gold coast. Other reasons why professional cleaning of solar systems is recommended are discussed in the section below.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Clean Your Solar Systems on the Gold Coast

Even though you will have to pay for the professional cleaning services you need, hiring professionals to clean your solar systems has several benefits. They include;

  • Professionals always perform property cleaning

The professionals you hire on the gold coast will offer various cleaning services that ensure your solar systems are performing optimally. Different elements that fall on your solar systems, including water, dust, dirt and debris, need to be properly cleaned to enhance the efficiency of the solar systems. Therefore,  instead of DIY cleaning your solar systems, you should always hire professionals who can clean your solar systems properly.

  • It’s time-saving

Sometimes, the elements accumulated on your solar systems, such as lichen, may be difficult to clean, especially if you lack the necessary tools and cleaning products. This means that you will spend so much time on your roof trying to clean your solar system, and you may need help to clean them properly. However, solar panel cleaners have the right tools, equipment and cleaning products they use on the job, ensuring they clean your systems in time. This saves you so much time you can use on other jobs.

  • No risks are involved

Like solar installation, cleaning your solar panels should always be left to the professionals with the necessary skills and experience. The fact that solar systems are usually installed on rooftops means that when cleaning them, you will need to work at heights, which can be very risky. Also, with the necessary experience, you may use cleaning methods and products suitable for your solar systems, which may cause damage to your solar systems. To avoid all these risks, you should always hire professionals anytime you need your solar systems cleaned.

  • It gives you peace of mind

As you clean your solar systems, you will be concerned about your safety all the time and how to avoid damaging your solar systems when cleaning them.   This can be stressful, but when professionals clean your solar systems, you will have peace of mind.

Reasons Why Solar Systems Should Be Cleaned Regularly on the Gold Coast

Cleaning solar systems always comes with several benefits.   You should clean your solar systems regularly on the gold coast because;

  • It improves the efficiency of solar systems

When your solar panels are covered with dirt and dust,  they absorb less energy from the sun, reducing efficiency. Therefore, to improve the efficiency of solar systems, you should clean them regularly.

  • It maintains the warranty on solar systems

As you buy solar systems, you get a warranty for these products. If you want to keep your warranty valid, keep your solar panels clean since it prevents the solar systems from getting damaged, extending their lifespan.

  • Increases the durability of the solar systems

Installing solar systems can be expensive, so you need them to last longer. Cleaning solar panels ensures that elements like dust and dirt that can damage your solar systems are cleaned and removed, ensuring they last longer.

If you want to learn more about using solar panels, visit https://essentialenergysolutions.com.au/solar-panels-gold-coast/.

What Common High Pressure Cleaning Mistakes Should You Avoid in Brisbane?

While high pressure cleaning surfaces,  pressure washers are used to eliminate any substances and toxins that have built up on the surfaces and their crevices. Though most people think the job is easy, it can be complicated and dangerous, especially if you need to learn how to do it right. Therefore, if you are considering high pressure washing on your property, it is essential that you know accidents can occur and people can get hurt. In contrast, your property can be damaged while high pressure washing your surfaces. While you know this, you can do all you can to avoid making any mistakes that could lead to accidents and damages while doing the job. In this article, we have discussed the common mistakes people make while high pressure cleaning so that you can avoid making such mistakes while using this cleaning method.

Mistakes to Avoid When High Pressure Cleaning in Brisbane

The following are some of the mistakes that could make you hurt yourself or even damage your surfaces and windows when high pressure cleaning in Brisbane. Therefore, you should avoid making these mistakes to ensure that you are safe and clean your surfaces efficiently.

  • Failing to use the right  spray angle

While high pressure cleaning,  there is a certain angle that you need to approach the surfaces you will be cleaning. This ensures that the dirt and grime built upon the surfaces are lifted, making it easy for them to be washed away. If you do not angle the spray, you will drive the grime and dirt deeper into the surfaces you are cleaning, especially if you are cleaning wood and concrete, which are porpous materials. You should refrain from making this mistake since making your surfaces clean like you need them to be will be impossible.

  • Failing to use safety equipment

Most people think they can use high pressure cleaning equipment like toys without getting hurt. If you are not careful, the water from the pressure washers you will be using can slice through your flesh like a saw. Also, the high pressure can drive dirt and water deep into your tissue, leading to infection. All these things can be avoided by ensuring you have the safety equipment needed for high-pressure cleaning.

  • Using wrong nozzles

It would be best always to have the right nozzles for your safety and to make high pressure cleaning efficient. However, most people are always selecting the wrong nozzles, which changes the spray angle and spread. Also, having the wrong nozzles could cause damage to the surfaces you will be cleaning, mainly because you will be interfering with teh pressure you will use to wash your surfaces.

  • Overloading pressure

Another common mistake people make while high pressure cleaning in Brisbane is using excessive pressure. Before you start using the pressure washers, you should take time to test the pressure washers, and as you use the pressure washers, you can monitor the pressure of this equipment while using it. If you use excess pressure, you can cause damage to the surfaces you will be cleaning. However, if you use the appropriate pressure, you will get rid of the debris and dirt, but you will maintain the condition of the surfaces you will be cleaning. 

  • Hiring the wrong cleaning company

So many people hire cleaners when they need high pressure cleaning services in Brisbane. For efficient cleaning services, you have to hire the right cleaning company. Finding the right cleaning company can be challenging, but researching will help you identify a company with competent cleaners and high-quality pressure washers.

As discussed above, making any of these mistakes could damage the surfaces you are cleaning, and you could hurt yourself in the process. For this reason, avoid all the above mistakes if you want to be safe using pressure washers. It is best to hire the professionals at Brisbane’s 1st Choice Pressure Washing.

Why People Are Buying New Homes

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a long-time veteran of the housing market, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard a lot about why people are buying new homes. While it’s true that there are a number of reasons why people are moving into a new home, you should also be aware of the potential problems that can arise from buying a new house.

First-time buyers

Buying a home is a big decision, and it can be difficult for first-time buyers. Fortunately, there are a variety of programs that help first-time buyers buy new homes.

One of the most popular programs in New York is the FHA loan. This type of loan is ideal for first-time homebuyers with low or no down payment. FHA loans are also popular for people with low credit scores.

However, FHA mortgage rates can be high. If you have a high credit score, you may be able to get a lower interest rate.

A down payment can also help you get a lower interest rate. Some conventional loans allow you to put as little as 3% down. You also may avoid paying private mortgage insurance (PMI), which protects the lender if you stop making payments.

Long-running supply issues

Whether you’re a prospective buyer or a seasoned home owner, you’re probably aware of the long-running supply issues plaguing the American housing market. These include issues with supply chain management, labor, and materials. In addition, some neighborhoods have been hit harder than others.

As a result, there’s a chance you’ll have to wait a bit longer to move into your new home. Despite these obstacles, the housing industry is on the rise. Sales of previously occupied homes reached 6.1 million in 2018, up 8.5% over the prior year. This figure could rise, albeit at a slower pace.

Aside from the usual suspects, there are several other factors that go into the equation. For starters, there are some cities, such as Columbia, where the aforementioned supply issues are compounded by a lack of available land. Another consideration is the neighborhood’s character.

COVID pandemic

During the spring, the COVID pandemic impacted the real estate industry in a big way. A number of cities, including New York City, saw population declines. As a result, there were fewer listings available. These lower inventory levels led to increased demand and price hikes.

Real estate agents have also resorted to newer technologies to boost their sales. For example, they are using virtual tours and FaceTime to show prospective buyers around apartments. They also have retooled their websites to highlight properties’ amenities.

While the housing market boom may be a good thing for homeowners, it’s bad news for a growing number of Americans who are locked out of the market. In some cases, these people may have already purchased another home or are struggling to afford two mortgage payments.

Declutter, organize and clean your home

Whether you are planning to sell your home or just want to make it more appealing, you can declutter, organize and clean your home before buying new homes. You can do it yourself, hire a professional organizer, or you can have the help of a home organization service. Whatever option you choose, it is important to think about how you want your home to look and what you want buyers to see when they walk in the door.

For expert advice and assistance, pair up with Wolf Constructions.

Benefiting from government incentives for apprentices

Apprenticeships allow individuals to get access to well paid jobs. It helps build potential which is required for an efficient work force and it also allows businesses to find future employees and improve the economy.

The major aim for the government in providing incentives for apprentices is to create an inclusive and sustainable economy. This would allow them to ensure proper training for all the people interested in different aspects of the economy and helping them become able to secure employment in the near future.

An overview of government incentives for apprentices

The government incentive for apprentices can help individuals get well paid jobs which are in high demand and which can also help fill the skill shortage. Incentive program also offers financial and non financial support to an apprentice. This is whenever they need it the most. This in turn can help increase completion and people learning a certain set of skills which is extremely useful for them in the long run.

The incentives are usually provided for high priority occupations so that support can be extended to skills which are in demand especially for the Australian economy. Priority occupations are listed in the Australian apprenticeship priority list which is updated on a regular basis. This list is based upon the analysis of the occupation which are in shortage of field workers and their future demand over the next 5 years.

The program also offers support to employers who are taking Australian apprentices in occupations which are not included in the priority list.

Support is also extended to women who start an apprenticeship in the occupations mentioned in the priority list. The eligible trade occupations are the ones which have had a low female participation ratio in the past. Women thinking about starting the career are provided with personalized advice and information about different career options which they have after completing their apprenticeship. They are also mentored and given sound career advice thus allowing them access to a professional Network and entrepreneurship training.

Apprentices working in the care sector would also have access to loans and it will be available for all those trainees who are participating in the occupations mentioned in the priority list. They can get a contingent loan for up to dollar 23000 so that they are able to meet up with their daily cost while undergoing their studies.

Younger apprentices between the ages of 15 to 20 years will receive additional support so that they are able to complete their apprenticeship. An additional 2500 in training support places will be set up for the young apprentices.

Extra support would also be provided to students who are living away from home or who might need to travel a great deal in order to complete their apprentices. On the other hand support for apprentices with disability will also be provided by the disability Australian apprenticeship wage support.

For more information on government incentives for apprentices make sure that you contact Apprenticeship Community in Perth.


Can One Enrol For Riiwhs204e Work At Heights Course Online?

Working at heights is usually very dangerous especially if you do not take the proper safety precautions.  This is why it is important for anyone working at height to receive a riiwhs204e work at heights course before starting to work in any workplace that involves working in elevated areas.  Today you can choose to enrol on the riiwhs204e work at heights course in a traditional school setting or you can receive the training you need online depending on the choices that you make.  However, this article covers the benefits of enrolling for riiwhs204e work at heights course online rather than going to a school for training.

Benefits of Enrolling For Riiwhs204e Work at Heights Course Online

Enrolling for your riiwhs204e work at heights course online comes with several benefits which include;

  • It saves money and time

One of the main reasons why people are enrolling for riiwhs204e work at heights course online is to save money and time. By choosing in-person training, you will spend so much money as well as time, especially if you enrol in a school that is far from your home.  Travelling from home to school can be time-consuming and expensive since you will have to spend on fuel.  Fortunately, online riiwhs204e work at heights course allows you to save your money and time since you do not require any travelling. Also, you get to receive training at your own convenient time and space. For this reason, if you are working anywhere else, you don’t have to quit working to receive the training you need to work at heights.  Thereby you still get to earn and receive the training that you need.

  • Online training provides consistent content

The other benefit of receiving a riiwhs204e work at heights course online is that you get consistent course content.  In-person training varies depending on the instructor you find and therefore you might receive different training levels every time. Fortunately, with online riiwhs204e work at heights course, you will always receive high-quality training every time.  This boosts your confidence knowing that you can work safely at heights by the time you are through with your course.

  • Online training is flexible and convenient

In addition, the riiwhs204e work at heights online course is very convenient and flexible.  This is because, unlike in-person training, you are not limited to locations and times available.  You will always find a course that will fit into your schedule no matter how busy it is. Also, online training offers different course options so that you can select the option that will fit your schedule and needs.  Therefore, you do not have to miss work or sacrifice the little time you have to get the training you require.

  • Allows effective learning

Finally, online training allows effective learning. When you choose in-person training, you may lack adequate time for asking questions or getting help from your instructors.  This could result in frustrations and poor understanding of the content.  The good thing with online riiwhs204e work at heights course training is that you can take all the time you want to complete your course.  Therefore, learning speed depends on your pace and you can ask the instructors any questions you have since there are no time limits.  This will enable effective learning as compared to in-person training.

Fortunately, there are so many schools offering specialised riiwhs204e course.  For this reason, if you feel that this is the best decision to make, you can always find the school to enrol for the riiwhs204e work at heights course.

Tips to Finding the Right Plumber

Plumbing is a critical part of your home, if something went wrong with the plumbing at your home, and you are not able to fix it yourself, you are left in a messy situation. The worst part is not knowing who to fix your home plumbing issues as soon as possible. Plumbing repairs might cost you a fortune. So, initially finding the right plumber is paramount to avoid paying hefty plumbing repairs before you even enjoy living in your home. Luckily, this guide will provide you with tips to watch out for while hunting for a plumber.

Credentials: This is the most fundamental aspect to look out for in a plumber. To ascertain if a plumber is qualified, look at their credentials and certifications. Without these fundamental documents, don’t trust them, keep looking! State regulations require plumbers to get certified before handling projects. Even if you are looking for a cheap plumber, without proper credentials and certifications it is a big NO!

Professionalism: Professionalism is a very important part of any career and plumbing is not an exception. You can easily judge the professionalism of a plumber from their dress code, how they communicate to the clients, and reviews from past clients. A good plumber runs his or her business smoothly and attends to customers’ needs timely. He or she knows when to invoice and more. Unscrupulous plumbers will even ask for payments before the job is done which is very unprofessional.

Cost: Every plumbing company gives a higher cost than the final cost, try to negotiate and note down their final cost. Every plumber has a minimum. But be wary when the cost is too low, the quality of services might be compromised as well. A qualified plumbing professional should give you accurate cost estimates before signing a contract or an agreement to work on your project. A company that requires you to pay some amount upfront before commencing on the job is skeptical and you should avoid them at all cost. Be mindful of how the final cost is arrived at and check out all the details to ascertain if the costs are genuine or escalated.

Insurance: Do not admit to liability. Make sure the plumber you hire has insurance should anything happen during the job, the insurance policy should cover. Should damages occur to your home, the insurance policy should cover it. So before hiring a plumber Gold Coast, insurance cover should be valid and cover for any uncertainty.

Timeliness: Always observe and keep track of their timeliness, if they are late for an appointment or a meeting, that is the first sign that you do not want to engage with such a plumber. A timely plumber gives schedules and adheres to them religiously to avoid causing inconveniences and unnecessary costs. Take for example a renovation project where you are forced to rent a hotel for your family to live in while renovations are ongoing and the plumber extends their timelines. You will incur unnecessary costs on your side because of a plumber who did not do their job right.

Reviews and references: Before contacting any plumber, do a background online check through past client reviews and references. This will help you shortlist the plumbers you would like to interview. Those with bad reviews or no references should not be on your shortlist. This will help you whittle down to the quality and cost-friendly plumber that you will develop a professional relationship with, a go-to person when you are facing plumbing issues in your home.

Reasons To Hire Professional Cleaning Services

If you have to think about house cleaning, you are probably one of those who think hiring professional help is a luxury. Truth be told, it kind of is, since you’ll have someone doing all the cleaning and maintenance tasks that you don’t want to do yourself. Still, it is a luxury that many people can afford more easily than you think, and since that is the case, what’s keeping you from hiring professional house cleaning services canberra?

Is it the guilt? It’s ok if you don’t have the time or if you feel like you need some professional help to keep your house clean. It’s not just about you, since, the people who come to clean up your place are happy to have a job. Let’s look at some detailed reasons as to why should you hire professionals to help around with the house.

They bring the supplies

If you regularly clean your house, you probably have an inventory of house cleaning supplies. When hiring a professional service, you don’t have to worry about any of that since all of the professionals come equipped with a whole arsenal of their own cleaning supplies.

You don’t have to worry about running out of something, or having to run to the store when you are about to start cleaning. The professionals come with enough to take care of your requirements. The best part is, they already know the best products for each kind of surface.

Wide range of services

When you employ a professional service for your requirements, you can rest assured that they will take care of everything in the designated area. From cleaning out the carpet to dusting the drapes, they will leave your house looking like brand new. Some of the more premium services will even offer repair and restoration services that will undo any damage to your house and free up enough time for you to focus on work or spend it with family.

Anti-bacterial treatment

Much of the equipment in your house is loaded with harmful bacteria. Door knobs, handles, switches, you name it, many of these things have harmful bacteria that can create serious health issues. Professionals in the domain know the importance of these and make sure to clean out these things with special emphasis on anti-bacterial treatment. It helps you ensure your family’s health.

Professionals do it better

If it sounds too harsh, don’t take it too personally. Having taken care of your household throughout your life, you might be good at one or two things tops, there still might be things you don’t like and would want to put off. Professionals are trained specifically for this and are trained for a wide range of services so that you don’t have to.


3 Tips for the Artist Minded in Melbourne

Artist minded

If you’re visiting Melbourne, you’re probably not just here for the amazing weather and delicious wine. There are many other things you can definitely be a part of when you’re in Melbourne. From their spring fests to the amazing shopping extravaganzas, this city is one of the most lively cities in the world. You will be able to experience an amazing time when you’re in here with your friends or family around the globe.

While there are those people who want to travel for the food and exquisite views, there are people who travel for the art and aesthetics. While it may be difficult to imagine the kind of feel you’re in when you’re working, it is not hard to imagine the kind of fun you can have. Melbourne is culturally rich and enticing city for those who crave aesthetics and style. Here are the top three things you can do while in the state:

1. Visit the Fed Square

It is important to understand how significant culture and art is. Fed Square is one the central areas of the world. The Fed Square is home to multiple historical buildings in the state. Famous Melbourne architects have been known to design and sustain massive buildings in the state within this location.

This place some of the most historically significant buildings in the world. You will be able to notice a massive change from simple to complex architectural designs and enjoy peeking through history.

2. Visit the Royal Exhibition Building

One of the most mind boggling buildings in the world to feature culture, art and aesthetics is this building. Featuring historically rich and enthusiastic culture from all over the world. this building is no less than an architectural masterpiece. This building in itself is a masterpiece that collects, gathers and displays art pieces from all across the country and sometimes even the world.

From the complex canopy designs to the restored walls, this exhibition building is a must-visit for all those who want to take in the essence of culture, art and crafts here in Melbourne.

3. Shrine of Remembrance


If you’re one of those people who want to enjoy history and uncover religiously significant items, it is a good thing to visit the Shrine of Remembrance. From the best uncovered places to restoring temple walls, this is one of the oldest and culturally significant shrines in the country. This is an absolutely breathtaking shrine which encompasses natural elements as well as manmade and altered items that remind us of our limitations as craftsmen.

The shrine speaks highly of its restoration and ability to sustain natural course throughout all the years. This is where the monks and old people still come because of their attachment.

Houses under construction, eye on the surety!

Not all those who wish to buy a “new” house, that is under construction, are aware of some fundamental rights that are almost always violated by the real estate developer.

The first guarantee to be delivered to the purchaser is the property insuranceagainst defects and construction defects for the following ten years starting from the date of completion of the works and covering material and property damage to the property, including damage to third parties, to which the manufacturer is required pursuant to art. 1669 cc It is clear that the purchaser must be able to count on the fact that it is an insurance to pay in case of damages chargeable to the manufacturer and subsequent to the transfer of ownership. In fact,  without insurance, who can guarantee the buyer that the manufacturer has the money to cover his responsibilities in a period of ten years? Nobody!

The second protection prepared for the buyer is the right to release by the manufacturer – who is obliged to do so without being able to claim any excuse – a surety policy to guarantee the sums collected or to be collected by the buyer for the purchase of the building under construction. The sanction established by the order for the breach of the obligation to provide the guarantee is the nullity of the contract for failure to issue the policy.

The policy must be issued by banks, insurance companies or financial intermediaries subject to checks and supervision by the Bank of Italy. The issue and delivery of the policy to the purchaser of the house serves to guarantee the aforementioned consumer the return of the amounts paid or still to be paid to the manufacturer in the event that the latter incurs in a situation of crisis of the enterprise such as bankruptcy, liquidation compulsory administrative, preventive arrangement, extraordinary administration, or real estate execution.

The effectiveness of the surety ceases at the time of transfer of ownershipor other real right of enjoyment on the property or of the final assignment act to the purchaser.

The reform was therefore extremely useful for increasing the protection of the purchaser of the house under construction. The chronicles are in fact full of people who after having paid to the builder, then failed, the savings of a lifetime is to be entitled to a small percentage of what is paid, if it is good 10-30%, without getting the house. Therefore the right to issue the surety policy meets the need for certainty of purchase.

Many manufacturers, deceiving the buyer, they sign instead of a real purchase preliminary agreement a simple book with which the seller does not assume any obligation to the future transfer of the property but is committed only once the building initiative has become concretely realized, to give preference to the booker in the stipulation of the preliminary contract. The manufacturer could, however, after returning the price paid, sell to those who want not being in any way bound to the booker.

By operating in this way, the manufacturer is not only obliged to issue a surety, but even manages to get the construction financed by the buyer who is unbeknownst to make the “bank” against the seller . In addition, the buyer who paid a large sum is not certain of the final purchase of the house having only a right to a refund, if it is fine, of the amount paid as a reservation.
In the so-called booking, the payment of the prospective buyer is generally modest. Increasingly, however, the builders are made by the buyers to pay substantial amounts of work progress making them believe that they have signed a real preliminary purchase and expose them to the risk of business with operations that are not transparent.