Benefiting from government incentives for apprentices

Apprenticeships allow individuals to get access to well paid jobs. It helps build potential which is required for an efficient work force and it also allows businesses to find future employees and improve the economy.

The major aim for the government in providing incentives for apprentices is to create an inclusive and sustainable economy. This would allow them to ensure proper training for all the people interested in different aspects of the economy and helping them become able to secure employment in the near future.

An overview of government incentives for apprentices

The government incentive for apprentices can help individuals get well paid jobs which are in high demand and which can also help fill the skill shortage. Incentive program also offers financial and non financial support to an apprentice. This is whenever they need it the most. This in turn can help increase completion and people learning a certain set of skills which is extremely useful for them in the long run.

The incentives are usually provided for high priority occupations so that support can be extended to skills which are in demand especially for the Australian economy. Priority occupations are listed in the Australian apprenticeship priority list which is updated on a regular basis. This list is based upon the analysis of the occupation which are in shortage of field workers and their future demand over the next 5 years.

The program also offers support to employers who are taking Australian apprentices in occupations which are not included in the priority list.

Support is also extended to women who start an apprenticeship in the occupations mentioned in the priority list. The eligible trade occupations are the ones which have had a low female participation ratio in the past. Women thinking about starting the career are provided with personalized advice and information about different career options which they have after completing their apprenticeship. They are also mentored and given sound career advice thus allowing them access to a professional Network and entrepreneurship training.

Apprentices working in the care sector would also have access to loans and it will be available for all those trainees who are participating in the occupations mentioned in the priority list. They can get a contingent loan for up to dollar 23000 so that they are able to meet up with their daily cost while undergoing their studies.

Younger apprentices between the ages of 15 to 20 years will receive additional support so that they are able to complete their apprenticeship. An additional 2500 in training support places will be set up for the young apprentices.

Extra support would also be provided to students who are living away from home or who might need to travel a great deal in order to complete their apprentices. On the other hand support for apprentices with disability will also be provided by the disability Australian apprenticeship wage support.

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