Brisbane intercom: Combining innovation and security

Intercoms have become a staple in several Brisbane homes. They allow curated building access and the guests to get in touch with the residents. An intercom is the first layer of security to prevent unwanted people from entering a community.  Intercoms are essential for the safety and comfort of residents in the building.

Intercom systems are an electronic device which enable two way communication. These comprise a base station which is also known as the master station and is the main component of the intercom system. It is placed at the properties entry. The base station is connected to more substations which are installed at various points throughout the building such as in apartments or offices.

Although intercoms might seem an additional expense but as technology continues to evolve it is essential to have an intercom system in your building.

 The following are some of the biggest benefits of using an intercom system.

 Brisbane intercom provide enhanced building security

A home is a safe place and sanctuary. When you come back after a long day, you would like to kick your feet up and relax.  The mere idea that the place is not safe can make you lose your cool. However, the intercom system enhances security in a number of ways. Whoever wants to enter your home will have to give you a buzz rather than just walk in. Residents can manage who can enter their home because guest will have to call from the intercom system.

Various intercom systems come with entry logs so each access event can be recorded. If an unwanted visitor does manage to gain access the event will be logged in the system and the individual will know exactly when and where the guest entered the building from.

Another reason to invest in an intercom system is the convenience it offers. Calls from visitors can go directly to the mobile device of residents. This way they can grant access to visitors no matter wherever they are. They can speak with the guests trying to enter their home and in some cases also view the guest through video calling on their phone.

Adding an intercom system you can enhance the security and also the value of the property.  People want to live in a community where they and their families can feel safe. The presence of an intercom system adds to that feeling of safety. It allows homeowners peace of mind and they are willing to pay a higher price for a property which they consider safe.

There is a wide variety of intercom systems available. The most common types are the wireless intercoms. These rely on invisible radio frequencies that carry signal which enable all wireless devices to operate. If you are considering a wireless intercom system make sure you know how the system works. A direct connection to the Internet is best because Wi-Fi signals can otherwise be interrupted by external factors. Always test the signals at the location where you are installing the intercom.

Wired intercoms requires some form of wiring, however it is a commented that the intercom should be connected directly to the Internet with an Ethernet cable. It will make the system more secure and also reduce the chance of interference from other electrical signals.

Explore Brisbane’s leading intercom solutions while keeping the above tips in mind.

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