3 Tips for the Artist Minded in Melbourne

If you’re visiting Melbourne, you’re probably not just here for the amazing weather and delicious wine. There are many other things you can definitely be a part of when you’re in Melbourne. From their spring fests to the amazing shopping extravaganzas, this city is one of the most lively cities in the world. You will be able to experience an amazing time when you’re in here with your friends or family around the globe.

While there are those people who want to travel for the food and exquisite views, there are people who travel for the art and aesthetics. While it may be difficult to imagine the kind of feel you’re in when you’re working, it is not hard to imagine the kind of fun you can have. Melbourne is culturally rich and enticing city for those who crave aesthetics and style. Here are the top three things you can do while in the state:

1. Visit the Fed Square

It is important to understand how significant culture and art is. Fed Square is one the central areas of the world. The Fed Square is home to multiple historical buildings in the state. Famous Melbourne architects have been known to design and sustain massive buildings in the state within this location.

This place some of the most historically significant buildings in the world. You will be able to notice a massive change from simple to complex architectural designs and enjoy peeking through history.

2. Visit the Royal Exhibition Building

One of the most mind boggling buildings in the world to feature culture, art and aesthetics is this building. Featuring historically rich and enthusiastic culture from all over the world. this building is no less than an architectural masterpiece. This building in itself is a masterpiece that collects, gathers and displays art pieces from all across the country and sometimes even the world.

From the complex canopy designs to the restored walls, this exhibition building is a must-visit for all those who want to take in the essence of culture, art and crafts here in Melbourne.

3. Shrine of Remembrance


If you’re one of those people who want to enjoy history and uncover religiously significant items, it is a good thing to visit the Shrine of Remembrance. From the best uncovered places to restoring temple walls, this is one of the oldest and culturally significant shrines in the country. This is an absolutely breathtaking shrine which encompasses natural elements as well as manmade and altered items that remind us of our limitations as craftsmen.

The shrine speaks highly of its restoration and ability to sustain natural course throughout all the years. This is where the monks and old people still come because of their attachment.

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